Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Looker's Look: John Lennon

Today the world "celebrates" the 72nd birthday of  John Lennon and it is only fair that we pay tribute to this legendary iconic figure.

The "head" of the Beatles is still an inspiration to music, culture, the arts and of course, fashion.

Which are those designs and items that, inspired by the most influential "beatle" find room in our closets today, leaving his mark in the world?

The Chelsea Boots

 "Beatle Boots" aka modified Chelsea boots (complete with elastic ankle upper) with a Cuban heel and pointy toe. Rumor has it that Lennon saw a pair of Chelsea boots in London in 1961.

 After a while, the band dropped their "rockabilly" look for a new image of "clean", black&white suits. Until today the "Chelsea boots" represent the classy expression of a rock n' roll image, much like the Beatles themselves...

The Militia garment

"It’s very funny, I was in the German Airport, I had an American Army mac on and a guy came up and said, I just got out of the Army in Vietnam and if you’d like these clothes I’d love to give them to you, ‘I said alright’, and he sent me all these Army clothes in the post, A few years ago it was.” – John Lennon – September 11, 1971
The second most famous item worn by Lennon in the cover of "Live in NY", definately symbolizes this great man's believes. Synonymous to the end of the war in Vietnam , he used it along with his campaign:  "The War is over"", he wore it in many of his photoshoots and personal moments. Today, the original item, is on display in the John Lennon Museum in Japan.

Vintage, long sleeve, military fatigue style garments have not only survived since Lennon first established them, but are making quite a comeback in this year's trends.

The NY T-shirt

When Bob Guen (photographer) asked Lennon to wear a 5$ t-shirt he had bought from the streets, for the needs of a photoshoot back in 1974, he could hardly imagine that this cheap piece of clothing would mark history permanently... 

The photo, then taken for the needs of an album cover, was used to create a vigil in Central Park for the fans to mourn, after his sudden death. Today the famous t-shirt, is replicated thousands of times and remains a symbol of "becoming a New Yorker", the same way Lennon did until he died. 

The Round "Lennon" Glasses

John Lennon's optometrist has shared a story about him and his insisting on wearing glasses 
"Several long-time patients fondly remember encountering John in my office, offering advice on the frames they were trying on. One patient recalls trying on contact lenses when John’s voice surprised him from behind: “I tried to wear them, but the only way I could keep them in my bloody eyes was to get bloody stoned first!”
The strongest among all symbols, also named after him, the round Lennon-glasses, never go out of fashion and catch our eye instantly, whether on the streets, on a webpage, or a window.

IMAGINE what it would have been if this guy could wear lenses....

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