Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Looker's Look: Audrey Hepburn

If Audrey lived today she would celebrate her 84th birthday this May.
The world has come a long way since Hepburn's first appearance on screen. The ever celebrated and most talked about style of hers seems to never go out of fashion. But what is it that's made this woman an iconic figure of style and elegance, being refered to since the 50's and well until today? Let's have a (Looker's) look...

1. The RayBan wayfarers

The now-iconic wayfarer was introduced in 1952. The same original model remains super chic, fun and always relevant. But it wasn't until Holly Golightly (A.Hepburn) introduced them in the memorable movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" that this RayBan model got so popular. Simple yet elegant, Audrey wore tha particular sunglasses in several scenes of the movie in all formality. Fatal it was that the specific item would get both the fame and stylish perspective attributed to her look.

Many have copied, altered and played with the design and color of these wayfarers, worn by many celebrities and the humble public, from that day on. And it owes it all to Audrey...

2. The Ballet Flats
Perfect for slipping on and running out the door for a busy afternoon of shopping, ballet flats are universally adored for being both comfortable and chic.
After the introduction of heels, flats seemed to have been a bit neglected (to say the least), for the much less "focus" it was supposed to give to female figure. That was until 1957, that the rising star that was Audrey wore a pair of ballet flats in the movie "Funny Face".
Today women all over the world consider the ballet flat to be their go-to shoe, so lesson learned, never underestimate the ballet flat!

3. The LBD
The first visual many people will have when thinking about Audrey Hepburn and fashion is of her iconic outfit in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's. Wearing a body-skimming, sleeveless black dress worn with white opera gloves and accessorized with a big hat, sunglasses and a long cigarette holder, she is the embodiment of glamour. These days, a wise woman would forgo the cigarette holder and the cigarette, but the rest of the look is timeless and beautiful.
Coco Chanel had originated the idea of the little black dress, that perfect item that every stylish woman had to have, and Audrey Hepburn showed women how it could continue to be worn to great effect in a new era.

4. The Classic Button-down
Long before Diane Keaton set new fashion standards in the 1970s with her own iconic looks in Annie Hall, Audrey Hepburn was wearing button-down men's style shirts, first in the film Roman Holiday. Her easy look of a plain white shirt worn open at the collar and accessorized with a jaunty scarf became a sensation. It remains a great look today. A classic tailored button-down shirt worn with a scarf can be dressed up with a skirt or wool trousers and a jacket, or dressed down with jeans and a cardigan. Either way, it's very chic.

To the end of her short life, Audrey Hepburn was all about sleekness and sophistication in fashion. Trends come and go, but the Audrey Hepburn style remains in vogue.

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